Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Design story of Gowell L-Grill Pan Feeder

The idea of making new L-Grill Pan Feeder was basically came from the farmers. As there are more and more farmers practise feed restriction program in order to achieve better "feed convertion rate" of the broiler production. Feed restriction means totally stop supply of feed to the pans for a certain period of time. During these period of time, birds are resting and sleeping. This will give chicks to have ample time to fully develop its internal organs and skeletal. Some of the farmers prefer to do it during the noon time where the hottest period of the day is. Others prefer to do it in evening time that we used to call it as 'lighting control".
Feed control will create one problem that is when the pan feeding system starts operating back or when the lighting is turned on, hungry and aggressive birds push each other for feed. Birds are being pushed forward to the top of the trough where normal grill design may trap the birds. Gowell L-Grill can avoid this problem and help farmers to improve their productivity. A lot of farmers tried L-grill pan and recognised this benefit hence decided to change the X-5's grill to L-grill's grill since they are interchangeable.
And the product improvement doesn't stop here. We have further improved the height of the Pan. The height of new L-grill pan was being reduced. Why? Because, we have noticed that the supply of bedding materials is becoming less and less. One of the main reason is bedding materials are being used for many other purposes. The cost of the bedding material is therefore always in the upward tread. In order to overcome this problem, raised floor rearing method has been introduced where bedding material is not being used or used with very little amount. Whereas, without using bedding material poults or day-o-chicks have difficulty to eat at the normal pan height. Hence you need to do manual feeding for 3 to 4 day before introducing the auto feeding. As a result of the improved height of L-grill pan feeder, you have all these problem solved.