Thursday, December 30, 2010

How pan feeding system works?

Poultry pan feeding system is an automatic feeding equipment which makes feeding work much easier, consistent and less labour dependant.
A pan feeding system is a series of pan feeders that are attached to a galvanised tube with an auger inside driven by a gear motor to convey feed along the tube and distribute to every pan which is attached to it. The length of the galvanised tube is in 10 feet or 12 feet long. One piece of tube can be attached 2 to 4 pan feeders. It can be jointed one after the other up to a maximum  length of 500 feet which we called it a 'line'. The number of feeding line need to be installed is depended on the width of your poultry house.  To complete the line, the begining of line is attached with a hopper to receive feed form the feed silo through feed transportation auger and the end of line is attached with the gear motor. At the end of line, there is a control pan attached before the gear motor to stop the auger from running when feed is reached to the end of line. When the birds eat, the pan automatically refills. The height of the pan can be adjusted to suit the age of the bird by mean of winch.


  1. This is helpful and informative. The pan feeding system is less time consuming, needs less labor and hygienic. I think every small poultry farm holder can have it.

  2. Pan feeding system Avoids feed wastage during early rearing period.

  3. Sir

    I seen your in the YouTube. It is very amazing by understanding the concepts.

    Presently I'm doing broiler rearing in open house deep litter method.
    I have three aspestos shed house of 150*23 feet.
    I already implanted nipple system for drinking water.

    I would like to do automatic pan system also for all three sheds.

    Pan system is full automatic. But I would like to do little semi automatic.

    Every line of length is connected to hopper for feed collection which is driven by auger motor .

    Instead of silo, I'm manually dropping feed materials to the hopper.
    I want to know the cost of implementation???
    I'm in tamilnadu and recommendation for good poultry equipment company for purchase

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