Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monitoring temperature and humidity condition in tunnel ventilation house

To begin the process of monitoring, we recorded down the actual temperature and humidity condition inside and outside of the tunnel ventilation poultry house for future study purposes.
  1. Outside the house, temperature reading was 31.8 degree C and relative humidity reading was 57.8%.
  2. Outside the house at cooling pad area, temperature reading was 31.8 degree C and relative humidity reading was 57.3%.
  3. Inside the house at cooling pad area, cooling pad temperature reading was 22.8 degree C, inside room temperature reading was 26.5 degree C and relative humidity reading was 77.2%.
  4. Inside the house at middle of the house, room temperature reading was 27.8 degree C and relative humidty reading was 77.2%.
  5. Controller temperature shown 27.7 degree C.
  6. Outside roof temperture reading was  35.7 degree C (roof material is PVC 2mm thick).
  7. Inside drop ceiling temperature reading was 29.7 degree C(ceiling material is metal deck).

At the time we measured these readings, the birds were 37 days. 10 Fans were running in full swing. Wind speed was measured average 2.95 m/s. The cooling pad pump was running on 2 mins on-time and 6 mins off-time. The variation of room temperature was between 27.7 to 28.9 degree C. The humidity were controlled very well, as we can see that the related humidity at the cooling pad area and at the middle of the house were almost the same reading, that was RH 77.2%. This showed the litter moisture was very less and so as the ammonia level. We can presume this poultry production was maintained  at an optimum condition during that period of time.


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